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Yufka chicken pie

Yufka pastry

Yufka is a paper-thin Turkish pastry used for borek, baklava, and other treats. If you can't find yufka, filo pastry makes an acceptable substitute. Filo is thinner, and raw, while yufka is slightly thicker, cooked, and easier to handle.

Sweat finely chopped onions in butter slowly. Poach a whole chicken until just cooked, in a snugly-fitting covered pan, with the onions and enough water to cover.

While the chicken cools, reduce the stock, then use it to make one or two cups of thick sauce velouté. Flavour with pepper and cinnamon.

Remove the meat from the chicken (don't forget the"oysters"), cut it into bite-sized chunks. Spread the sauce in a pie dish and add the chicken.

Melt plenty of butter. Brush the sheets of yufka with butter and lay them, one-by-one, slightly crumpled, over the chicken.

Bake in a moderate oven until golden.